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Corjo Enterprises

Corjo Enterprises provides 6 months warranty coverage on all products sold, unless stated otherwise (excluding food and consumables). Whilst we aim to provide you with fast and efficient turnaround times for any faulty goods it is important to understand that we cannot always offer you an instant replacement, especially with older returns. When this occurs you should be prepared for delays between 2-4 weeks whilst we deal with the manufacturer/supplier of the product in question.

I have received a faulty item from you, what should I do now?
We suggest that you first contact the manufacturer involved as they handle these types of requests daily and can more often than not arrange a replacement unit or further support information required for your product.
If the manufacturer was unable to help you please send us an email outlining the issue you are having via our contact us page so that we can investigate further. In the event that we ask you to return the product to us it is important to follow the return packing instructions provided below.

I have received confirmation from you that my product needs to be returned - What now?
Package the item(s) for return: You will need to repack the product well enough for shipping and well enough to prevent further damage. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during any return transit due to inadequate protection. Any physical damage caused may also void any existing warranty coverage on the product.

What to include with the return: Along with the faulty goods please include a copy of your receipt (not the original) and a fault description with sufficient details to highlight any suspected faults. Please be sure to also include your personal contact information in case these details have changed since the time of your purchase.

Addressing and Labelling: Clearly mark your Online Order Number (e.g. #1303317256 our example) on the outside of the packaging along with our return delivery address (see below). This will ensure your return is handled by the correct department and will avoid possible delays. Failure to label the return correctly could result in the parcel not being accepted by our staff.

Return Address:
Corjo Enterprises
(Your Order Reference #)
59 Jackey Drive
Camden Park NSW 2570
Please Note: We cannot accept any C.O.D. items. Sending goods back this way will result in delays caused by our refusal to accept delivery. 

Order Cancellations & Refunds
Order cancellations are made with making a cancellation request via email you must allow 48 hours (excluding non working days i.e. weekends and public holidays) for the email to be processed and the order cancelled.


Additional Information
Damaged & Improperly Packaged Goods
Goods arriving damaged will not be accepted. Any large inadequately packaged goods may incur a $25.00 re-packing fee charged prior to us returning the goods.

C.O.D Returns
Please do not return goods to us C.O.D under any circumstances. Goods returned to us this way cannot and will not be accepted.

Freight Charges for Returns
All goods returned to us will be at your expense regardless of the fault or reason for their return. The only exception offered is where we have sent you an incorrect item. In these rare circumstances we can offer you a credit or refund to cover the costs associated with having to return the item(s). This credit/refund will not exceed our standard shipping fee for the item(s) needing to be returned and can only be paid once the item(s) has been received by our staff.  Any additional packaging, express postage costs etc will not be covered by Corjo Exclusive Pets.

What to Return
Please return the complete product suspected of fault including any manuals, boxes or other accessories that may have been included with the product. If you are unsure of exactly what to return please contact us for assistance.

Can my Faulty Item(s) be refunded after being returned?
Most products returned for warranty will either be replaced by the manufacturer or be repaired at the discretion of our suppliers. Replacements offered by our suppliers are typically units that may or may not have been previously repaired and are deemed to be in similar physical condition to your original item. Under normal circumstance these returned products will not be refunded unless there extenuating circumstances involved or unless we or our suppliers have agreed to offer you a credit. 

Returns Progress
You may lodge an enquiry via email to find out the current status of your warranty claim, this email should include your online order number. A member of our staff will then contact you to advise how your claim is progressing.  A courtesy email will be sent once your goods have been returned from the supplier and are ready to be re-dispatched.
Note: Please be sure to allow sufficient time for the warranty to be processed before making requests about your warranty status (refer to Warranty Related Returns for more information).

Warranty Returns Outside of Corjo Enterprises Warranty
Some products sold by Corjo Enterprises may be provided with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. Although Corjo Enterprises warrants goods sold (excluding consumables) for a period of 6 months we can if necessary handle these types of product returns on your behalf. This service requires freight costs (both ways) and any other associated costs (factory testing, warranty rejection) to be paid in advance. A (minimum) $25.00 administration fee may also be charged for these types of manufacturer warranty claims.


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